Fii eroul generației tale!
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11 incredible years!

Dear competitors and esteemed parents, they say time flies when you’re having fun, but it seems that years go by much faster when you’re part of something full of satisfaţii and Youth Festival.

There were times and years full of difficulties and satisfactions. Who has not organized a festival or participated in a festival organization can not understand emotions, emotions and fear when a Sposa withdraw the last minute, emotions and fear competitors and parents about grading and judging fairness … hey! and how many are told.

I want to thank all the contestants who participated in previous editions of Youth, letting them know that we follow the artistic development and we are happy with them, their successes.

Dear parents, grandparents, teachers, instructors, composers, lyricists, choreographers and I congratulate you for the efforts you bow to known and unknown you do when your competitor climbs the stage at a festival. Are your mentors, heroes and landmarks of perseverance and progress in building the artistic act. You have gone to school with all the festivals organizers of festivals and on their behalf I congratulate you and give you a smile heartfelt joy. If we look after the failure of the joy and strength that helps us move forward. Not all are winners, but those who have a goal, persevere and build a career year after year, come to reap the fruits of their labor.
Dear competitors have a list of names that we should pass this message to you, but because I fear forget a name, I congratulate you all, you are all champions, and we thank you for your efforts.

In this eleventh edition of the festival we plan to share more success stories. Are your stories. I address this invitation moment that those who feel the emotions of success that the past 11 years went up and down from the success of Romania scenes to tell the story on the Facebook page of the festival and the festival site. We will compile a top story and the story with the most votes will receive a surprise prize from the festival management. Will support your success stories and those who now want to step on this road.

Because I approach the end of the first chapter out of a series of beautiful memories I go to all sponsors, media partners, local authorities, to all who contributed to the success of each yearly edition of the festival.

Thanks to all presidents, ethnic community organizations that have joined our project every year and thrilled the audience with dances, customs, song, Port kept their traditions for hundreds of years whether they were called Greeks, Italians, Hungarians, Bulgarians , Gypsy, Turkish-Tatars, Ukrainians. I congratulate and thank all the competitors from abroad and festival directors I worked with and collaborate.

To stepped yearly by a goal in this first chapter I wish to thank all members of the jury who contributed to the smooth running of the Youth Festival.

So we are happy with the fantastic 11 years that I traveled with fears, our joys and accomplishments. For me it was, is and will be a privilege that I knew and I know that other generations of young beautiful. We have seen the positive effects of these competitions.

I wish many more years of collaboration with the Youth Festival.

Viorel Stoica